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Internship in Chandigarh for MBA

Internship in Chandigarh for MBA

Welcome to ThinkNEXT, the Institute of Management and Technology. We at ThinkNEXT offer you a program for an internship in Chandigarh for MBA (Masters of Business Administration) program. It is the first destination for North India in the areas of administration and computer applications. The Institute of Excellence is located in the heart of the bustling Mohali city and has established milestones in academics and placements. The unique teacher who studies the atmosphere here encourages innovation and leadership. Students embark on a lifelong journey of self-discovery and learning by starting in an atmosphere of positive and intense competition.

ThinkNEXT offers a training period along with an internship in Chandigarh for MBA. The foundation believes that "the good start was half-finished." MBA enables students to perform in the industry as well as enhance their abilities to pursue postgraduate programs in management and beyond. MBA students are introduced to the advanced concepts of management, management techniques, and professional practices through an educational approach and assimilation at the same time. The faculty members teach through unique interactive techniques and students actively participate in the educational learning environment; they are encouraged to raise new thoughts and intuitive ideas.

We provide the best training services as well as an internship in Chandigarh for MBA from a long time. Consequently, students learn and excel in an exceptionally challenging and competitive environment that has the right mix of classroom study and hands-on training made possible by case studies and live projects. ThinkNEXT prepares you, provides you with the latest and up-to-date knowledge about training and internship in Chandigarh for MBA.

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ThinkNEXT - Internship in Chandigarh for MBA

We at ThinkNEXT, uses strict multifaceted teaching methods with an effective interface with industry to translate the task into work. It creates opportunities for its students to enhance their understanding of the economic, social and political environment to broaden their horizons not only to adapt to change but to become catalysts, and to develop their strength in conceptualization, decision, and communication.

A Student from ThinkNEXT has gained vital recognition in industry and academia. The students produced by the ThinkNEXT achieved a mark in the business world. ThinkNEXT is offering the Special Assistance Program in the following areas of payment, supply chain management, accounting, business finance, social responsibility, human resource account (HRA), investment decision-making and innovative financing (with special reference to social responsibility For companies and HRA. ThinkNEXT has consistently been among the top institute for internship in Chandigarh for MBA. A number of senior colleagues visit to the institute from the most important companies in India to participate in the recruitment process.

The institute interacts with the industry through advisory assignments, management development programs, industry-focused research and case studies. Many senior executives from the industry in and around Chandigarh attend regular lessons at school, helping to bring a practical sense into the teaching and learning process. In addition, brilliant management is invited to give private lectures.

ThinkNEXT certificates are not normal. The unique QR code is printed on each certificate and these certificates can also be checked online via mobile phone or PC. Thus, ThinkNEXT offers a way to verify the certificate through the QR Code Scanning or our website.

We are here to provide you with all the facilities regarding accommodation and work. To do an internship in Chandigarh for MBA with ThinkNEXT will be easy and budget-friendly. You will have a clear vision for earning with learning. And we will help you live your dream.

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Our vision

To provide outstanding academic expertise and beyond classroom experiences, that stimulate and respond to the needs of the century.

Our mission

We transfer the overall management and technical education to care and develop human resources from international standards capable of serving industry and society productively.


The institute was established with the purpose to provide education in the business. Our objectives are to give our 100% satisfaction to the students. We are committed to providing all the facilities which promise to provide you.

Marketing association


We are looking for an enthusiastic young marketer who wants to make an extra effort to create a market. The trainee will be responsible for implementing a strategy and meeting the specific market needs.

Skills required for the internship

  Sales Orientation
  Market Research
  Market Analyst
  Marketing Communication

What is Online Internship?

An online internship is a work experience program where an intern gains hands-on experience while working in a remote professional setting and is not physically present at the job address.

Online interns communicate with their supervisor online through various means including email, Skype, Whatsapp, instant messaging, phone conversations, webinars, project management tools, SMS messaging, etc.

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Free Online Internship with Certificate

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Why choose ThinkNEXT for an internship in Chandigarh for MBA?

Below are Top 21 reasons why you should join ThinkNEXT for a Free Online Internship with Certificate program:


Q1. Do I need previous work experience for online free internship certificate program?

Ans. ThinkNEXT’s free online internship with certificate program has been designed to give all students the opportunity to begin their career exploration journey while developing work experience and a professional network. To join the program you will not need previous work experience as our free online internship with certificate program is developed to provide you all the support you need during the program, and will help you create your CV to set you on the path to future work experience.

Q2. What’s the overall interview process for free internship certificate online?

Ans. The free internship with certificate online recruitment process commences with an initial resume screening as roles become available. Depending on available roles, you may receive a follow-up survey. This information is then sent to the recruiting team for evaluation, and if roles match with your specialized skills, the recruiting team will reach out to you directly to schedule phone interviews.

Q3. How long after I apply will I hear back from the recruiting team?

Ans. There’s not just one process or experience; timing can vary and is based on role availability. The basic process begins with an initial resume screen as roles become available. Depending on available roles and the opportunity you applied for, you may get a follow-up survey.

Q4. Can I be considered for all of them if I’ve applied for multiple roles?

Ans. Yes, all applications are assessed for all open internship opportunities. If we feel your skills align with a role other than the one to which you applied, we’ll reach out to you.