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*100% Free 6 weeks summer training for B.Tech LEET Second Year, Third Year and Final Year Students of ECE, Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering Students. Polytechnic Diploma Passout Students of ECE, Electrical and Instrumentation are also Eligible. No hidden charges. No Test. Direct Admission. Limited Seats. Call Now 78374-03000    
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Diploma in 3D Animation, VFX & Multimedia Course in Chandigarh

This course is meant for those students who wish to enter the Animation industry, and for working people who want to change their field of work or to do better within the Animation industry. Animation is not only about making cartoons or drawing caricatures; it is the art of creating an illusion of movement and bringing to life everything around you. With sharp skills and the right training, you can work in animation studios, gaming companies, television channels, advertising agencies & film production companies, and have a high-paying career. ThinkNEXT Technologies Pvt. Ltd. helps you develop your skills & build a professional work portfolio.

Semester 1

Introduction to Multimedia & Animation

Back ground of Art, Color theory overview, Sketching & illustration, Storyboarding.

Graphics & Publishing

Introduction to Graphics & Publishing, Use of Graphics in Multimedia, Overview of Vector and Raster Graphics, Adobe Photoshop, Introduction to Adobe Photoshop CS3, Exploring Photoshop basic, Opening & Saving files, Image size ,resolution, modes and colour concepts, Overview of the Menu, tools, palettes & other option bar, Using Selection tools: Lasso tool, Polygon lasso tool, Magnetic lasso tool, Magic wand, quick selection tool, Transforming Selection, refine selection, saving & reloading a selection, Shapes: working with shapes using pen tool, Modifying shapes, Using Layers: Working with multiple layers, Layer blending modes, Layer opacity, Transforming and distorting layers, Layer Mask, Creating & modifying Layer Mask, Image Adjustments: Using adjustment layers, Levels, Colour balance, Hue and saturation, Curves, Selective adjustments using masks, Color Variations, Image Retouching: Spot healing, healing brush, patch tool, clone tool, Content aware fill, Filters: overview of filters and their uses, Advantages of using filters, Image sharpening, Image Blurring, Selective filtering, Typographic: Using type tool, fonts, adjust type size, use character and paragraph panels to set styles, Layer effects: using layer effects, Blending options etc, Slicing: using slice tool, Slicing images, Edit slice options, Exporting: exporting images in different format.

Corel Draw

Introduction to Corel Draw, Interface: working with menus, toolbars, Dockers, Document Setup: Setting Page Size& Orientation, Document Navigation, Rulers & Guidelines, Status Bar, Drawing and Coloring: Creating basic shapes, Modifying shapes, applying color & outline, Text: Formatting, Text Layout, Text to Path, Extruding text, Skewing and rotating, Creating drop shadow, Working with Bitmaps, including tracing, coloring, manipulating, Objects: Grouping & locking objects Trim, weld & Intersection of objects, Lines & Curves, artist media tools, Color & Fills, Color Palettes, Using blending, contouring, envelopes, extrudes, lenses, Power clip, fill, Special effects, Print & publishing the Document, Saving & Exporting files.

Adobe illustrator

Introduction to Adobe Illustrator, Setting Up a New Document, Toolbox, Menus, Application Bar & Panels, Using Rulers, Guides & Grids, Drawing & transforming objects: Rectangles, Squares, Ovals, Circles, Polygons, Stars, Making & saving selections: Using the Selection Tool, Lasso Tool, Magic Wand Tool Saving & Reloading Selections, Managing shapes: Moving & Copying Shapes, Aligning & distributing, Grouping, Locking & Hiding, Transforming Shapes, Working with color: Applying Fill & Stroke, Copying Fill & Stroke, Using Gradients, Creating & manipulating paths: Using the Pencil, Eraser & Smooth Tools, Working with pen tool, Creating Artistic Brush Effects, Working with typography: Creating Artistic & Paragraph Type, importing & formatting text, Wrapping Text around Objects, Creating Type on a Path, Saving & Exporting files, Save for Web & Devices.

2D Animation

Principles of 2d Animation, Adobe Flash (Basics of Action Script), Flash Interface, Adding Elements to the Stage, Duplicating Library Items, Introducing Key frames, the Transform Tool & Tweening, Creating Animations, Using Graphic Symbols, Movie clip, Buttons, Adding Audio, Adding & Labeling Action Key frames, Adding Behaviors to Buttons, Testing a Movie, Introduction to Action Script, Creating preloders with Action Script, Components of flash, Exporting flash movies, Project.

Semester 2

Audio Video Editing

Sound Forge, Introduction to Sound Forge, Understanding File Formats, Recording a Sound, Data Selection Using the Set Selection dialog box, Converting Files from one Format to Another, Audio Mixing, Effects: Process Menu, Effects Menu, Exporting sound file to Mp3, CD etc.

Adobe Premiere pro

Introduction to Adobe Premiere pro, Importing audio video file types and arranging sequences, Capture media for use in Première, Transformation and key frame animation, Using built in transition and video effects, Using Chroma Keying, Changing parameters in the Effect Controls panel, Working with titles, Export media options.

Website Design

Principle of visual design, HTML & CSS, A brief overview of HTML and the world wide web, Various Browser and resolution issues, Difference between HTML and XHTML, Basic structure of an HTML document - Understand the different Doctypes Strict, Transitional and Frameset, Understand HTML elements (inline and block), HTML & XHTML Tags, Inserting images, Links, Using List, Basics of CSS, Add Styles to Web Pages, CSS Positioning and Layout, Using Cascading Style Sheets for Formatting Web pages, Using Cascading Style Sheets for Positioning, Advanced CSS Topics, Adobe Dreamweaver, Dreamweaver Interface, Insert Bar & Properties Inspector Panel, The Menu Bar, Status Bar, Preferences, Setting Up a New or Existing Site, Creating a New Document, Using Tables & DIV, Adding & Formatting Text, Inserting & Aligning Images on a Web Page, Links, Anchors, Mail to Links, Displaying Images & Adding Flash and other Multimedia to WebPages, Displaying Data in Tables, Creating Forms & Validating Form, AP Div and Behaviors, HTML & CSS Validation and browser consistency, Spry Framework, Cross Browser Compatibility.

Project Work

A development project in the above domain areas would be taken up using the development tools VB, C, Symbian and VoIP.

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