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*100% Free 6 weeks summer training for B.Tech LEET Second Year, Third Year and Final Year Students of ECE, Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering Students. Polytechnic Diploma Passout Students of ECE, Electrical and Instrumentation are also Eligible. No hidden charges. No Test. Direct Admission. Limited Seats. Call Now 78374-03000    
Web Designing Training Course in Chandigarh Mohali Panchkula

Web Designing Training Institute in Chandigarh Mohali Panchkula

ThinkNEXT Technologies Private Limited provides the best Web Designing Course Training in Chandigarh Mohali. Here you will learn responsive Web Designing Courses, Web Designing Training modules includes training for different web technologies in our company, get professional training on HTML5 and CSS3 technology, Wordpress, Bootstrap, PHP & MySql, Javascript and also with live projects.
ThinkNEXT Technologies offering 100% job oriented courses after 12th. Join professional web designing course in Chandigarh expose your carrier as a web designer.

Advanced Responsive Web Designing Training from Brand ThinkNEXT

In responsive website design course, ThinkNEXT trainers demonstrate you all about how to prepare website with concepts of CSS and HTML to maintain website flexibility, and with other advanced technologies in order to make website attractive and easy to manage.
Today, maximum website surfers use their portable devices to surf. According to these market trends a website developer should have skills of developing flexible layouts, to work efficiently in any resolution size of browsing devices.
We know it is quite hard to find a good training institute where you can meet these requirements of technology as a web designer. So here is our company for you not just an institute, offering you responsive web designing courses undertaken by our knowledgeable website developers.


Web Designing Industrial Training - Course Contents




  Adobe Photoshop
  Corel Draw
  Adobe Illustrator

Module 1:
Introduction to HTML & HTML5
Basics  of HTML
  What is HTML?
  HTML Tags
  Web  Browsers
  HTML Page Structure
  Write HTML Using Editors
  HTML5 New Tags

2 ) HTML Elements & Tags
3) HTML Attributes
4) Images
4.1 Image Syntax
4.2 Alt 
4.3 Image Title
4.4 Images as a LINK
4.5 Images in another Folder
5) List Tag
5.1 List Tag
5.2 Ordered List
5.3 Unordered List
5.4 Data Description List
6) Table Tag
6.1 Table Tag
6.2 Cell Span with Column
6.3 Cell Span With row
6.4 Cell Padding
6.5 Cell Spacing
6.6 Adding Cell Spacing
7) Links
7.1 Links Syntax
7.2 Internal Links
7.3 External Links
8) Audio and Video
8.1 Autoplay
8.2 Audio and Video Syntax
8.3 Playing Videos in HTML
9) Forms
9.1 Form Element
9.2 Form Action
9.3 Form Get & Post Method
9.4 Text Button
9.5 Radio Button Input
9.6 Submit Button
9.7 Select Element
9.8 Textarea
9.9 HTML Input Attributes
9) Google Maps
10) Upload File and Pages
11) Form Validations
12) Interview Questions Idea
Introduction to CSS & CSS3
Part 1 : Basic CSS

1) What is  CSS and CSS3 ?
2) Why use CSS ?
3) Types  of CSS

  Inline CSS
  Internal CSS
  External CSS

  Syntax of CSS
  CSS Selectors
  Color and Background Properties

6.1 Color
6.2 Backgroundattachment
6.3 background-color
6.4 background-image
6.5 background-repeat
6.6 background-position
7)Text Properties
7.1 letter-spacing
7.2 line-height
7.3 text-align
7.4 text-decoration
7.5 text-indent
7.6 text-transform
7.7 vertical-align
7.8 word-spacing

8)Font Properties
8.1 font-family
8.2 font-size
8.3 font-style
8.4 font-size
8.5 font-variant
8.6 font-weight
9) Border Properties
9.1 border-color
9.2 border-style
9.3 border-width
9.4 border-top-width
9.5 border-left-width
9.6 border-right-width
9.7 border-bottom-width

10) BOX Model
10.1 Margin – Top, Right, Bottom, Left
10.2 Padding-Top, Right, Bottom, Left
10.3 Height
10.4 Width

11) Position Properties
11.1 Position Fixed
11.2 Position Absolute
11.3 Position Relative
11.4. Position Static

12) Classification Properties
12.1 Z-index
12.2 Display
12.3 Visibility
12.4 white-space

Part 2: Advance CSS
9) Transition with CSS3
9.1 Transition with Width
9.2 Transition with Height
9.3 Transition with Background
9.4 Border Transition
9.5 All Transition
10) Transform with CSS3
10.1 Rotate
10.2 Skew
10.3 Scale
10.4 Translate
11) Animation With CSS3
11.1 @ Keyframes Rules
11.2 Reverse Direction Animation
11.3 Animation Delay
12) Media Queries
12.1 @ Media for Responsive Designs
12.2 @ Keyframes
12.3 @ font-face
1) Bootstrap
1.1 What is Bootstrap?
1.2 Why use Bootstrap?
1.3 Bootstrap CDN?
2)  Bootstrap Grid System
2.1 Extra Small
2.2 Small
2.3 Medium
2.4 Large
3)  Bootstrap Typography
4) Bootstrap Tables
4.1 Table 
4.2 Table-stripped
4.3 Table-bordered
4.4 Table-hover
5) Bootstrap Images
5.1 img-rounded
5.2  img-circle
5.3 img-thumbnail
5) Bootstrap Jumbotron
6) Bootstrap Container & Container-fluid
7) Bootstrap Alert
8) Bootstrap Buttons
9) Bootstrap Pager & Pagination
10) Bootstrap Badges
11) Bootstrap Progress bar
12) Bootstrap Form
13) Bootstrap Navbar
14) Bootstrap Carousel
15) Bootstrap Modals


1) Introduction to jQuery

1.1 Adding jQuery to your Web pages?
1.2 Downloading jQuery?
1.3 jQuery CDN? 1.4 jQuery Syntax?

2) jQuery Effects
2.1 Hide and Show?
2.2 Fade
2.3 Slide
2.4 Animate
3) jQuery HTML
3.1 jQuery Set
3.2 jQuery Get
3.3 jQuery Add
3.4 jQuery Remove

Module 5

  Introduction to JavaScript
  Conditional Constructs to JavaScript
  Looping statement in JavaScript
  Working with Predefined functions
  Maintaining Validations in JavaScript

Module 6

  Image Enhancement
  Banner, Brochure and PSD Designs
  Color Balancing
  Create Template

Module 7
Corel Draw

  Selecting and Manipulating Objects
  Drawing and Shaping Object
  Arranging Object
  Working With Text
  Outlining and Filling Objects
  Exporting Drawings

Module 8
Adobe Illustrator
1. Illustrator getting started
2. Illustrator Drawing, Editing and Symbol Tools
3. Type Formatting, Filters and Effects
4.Illustrator Web Application and Images Integration
5.Illustrator Advanced and Printing Options

Module 9
Live Project, Domain & Hosting

  Domain Name

Great scope of Web Designing course nowadays
The advanced certification course in Web Designing is a 100% practical course that meets all the essentials of web responsive design based on market technological trends & demands. This course is one of the numerous practical website designing course offered by ThinkNEXT Technologies.

Basic and Advanced Web Designing course + Wordpress/Bootstrap + Govt. Certifications + Live project + 100 % job assistance = Call ThinkNEXT & get admission: 7837401000
Call for query : 1800-102-4102


Any graduate with basic computer programming language can go through Web designing course training. Our Web Designing trainers can also provide training to 12th pass out students who are interested in IT as there are many good career opportunities in future. We are offering 100% job oriented courses after 12th.

Why choose ThinkNEXT Technologies as your Web Designing mentor

  Free Spoken English, Personality Development and Interview Preparation (HR+Technical) Classes on Daily basis so that students need not to struggle for jobs as a fresher
  Life-Time Learning and Placement Card
  6 Months/6 Weeks Training + Project Certificate By ThinkNEXT
  Web Designing Experience Certificate by ThinkNEXT
  Part Time / Full Time Job Offer for each student during training (Earn while you learn)
  Stipend based 6 months industrial training is the big benefit for you here.
  Learn from experts with ample years of experience.
  Syllabus scheduled and customized properly.
  Unlimited classes and sessions according to students demands & needs.
  Free: Examination & Certifications.
  Free study material and E-books provided, tips to earn money online through freelancing.
  Free Interview preparation and mock sessions.
  Certificates: You will get an industry-recognized certificate under PMKVY Scheme.
  We are expert trainers in latest technologies & versions and are updated in line with market trends.
  We have great faculty for counselling of students, for helping them to opt most appropriate courses and its implementation for stipend based 6 months Industrial Training.
  Convenient Timings, Weekend Batches & doubt sessions.
  In case you miss a few classes we can provide you, backup Classes.
  Our 6 months Industrial Training course with stipend is practice oriented, as it is based upon daily assignments.
  Excellent service: We are expertise in providing response to your enquiries.
  Live Projects: Your whole training will be on live projects through Certified Trainers.
  100% Job Placement assistance & proper Interview preparation and scheduling.

All these reasons are just a few counts, it will never going to an end if you are going to analyze the whole ThinkNEXT for opting 6 months Industrial Training for Web Designing.

Web designing Course
Web designing Course training in Chandigarh
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Web Designing in Training Chandigarh
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Student Testimonial - Web Designing Training
Student Testimonial - Web Designing Course
Student Testimonial - Web Designing Training
Web Designing Course in Chandigarh
Web Designing Training in Chandigarh

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